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Jackpots Insuperables en Español

Jackpots Insuperables en Español

Los juegos Jackpots Insuperables en Español Programa de fidelidad generoso online Insuperablss en casinos españoles incluyen las mejores mesas de Insuperab,es casinos físicos tradicionales y los juegos más innovadores del mercado del iGaming. British He hit the wall, and the rest of the team finally recognized its responsibility. Lie detector simulator for fun. See phrases . Forgot your password?

Jackpots Insuperables en Español -

have great or unexpected success, especially in making a lot of money quickly the theatre hit the jackpot with its first musical Examples Although Pumping Iron was a massive , surprise success , Schwarzenegger didn't hit the jackpot until the release of the first Terminator film in British After decades of trying one plantation crop after another without much success in the late nineteenth century , Malaya hit the jackpot with rubber trees in the early twentieth century.

North American Accenture is gambling that one of those companies will hit the jackpot and create the next SAP , giving Accenture first crack at helping its clients install the revolutionary software.

North American New York Post columnist Ken Moran hits the jackpot in the opening of a recent column. hit a nerve also touch a nerve or hit a raw nerve nerve noun provoke a reaction by referring to a sensitive topic I'll admit , your wording hit a nerve in me Examples You've touched a nerve with this topic and it smarts.

North American Boutin's comments touched a nerve that was already close to the surface , and my observations are directed towards a greater cultural issue.

Canadian Well, I agree with the previous comment that he hit a nerve. hit the roof roof noun informal suddenly become very angry when she surprised him in bed with another woman she hit the roof.

hit the sack sack noun informal go to bed Examples I know there was no wound on my wrist before hitting the sack because upon retiring I took off my watch and did not observe any blemish in the left wrist area.

Australian Got home around or so, played around on the computer for a bit , then finished up Charlotte's Web before hitting the sack. Canadian But I am sleepy right now and I will be hitting the sack.

Indian Watching them play last night was a nice way to end the day before hitting the sack with a smile. Caribbean Anyhow , I'm also cold and it's really late , so I'm going to do some reading , get through the exciting parts of The Moonstone , and hit the sack.

hit the skids skid verb informal begin a rapid decline or deterioration Michael's career hit the skids Examples His career was hitting the skids when he was commissioned to write a film of Edward Lear's life.

British Forgive me, readers; I don't know what sort of sound an acting career makes when it hits the skids. North American Private Eye has had a really interesting correspondence - telling a tale of an album released over a decade ago; it's a concept album about a rockstar whose career - forged in writing rock operas - hits the skids.

British They are signs of the Japanese economy hitting the skids. East Asian I have been compulsively reading since the economy started hitting the skids 2 years ago.

North American The quality of your life really hits the skids. hit the spot spot noun informal be exactly what is required the cup of coffee hit the spot Examples It's the pride and sense of achievement in that last line that hits the spot.

British It hits the spot when I'm in the mood for a creamy , fruity , snack. North American When it's good, it hits the spot in perfect fashion. British One of the conclusions hits the spot, but the others, while funny , are sitcom laughs. North American If you gradually cut back on added sugar you may even find that a peach or an apple hits the spot.

North American The rest is all pretty much in the same vein and hits the spot almost every time. hit the wall wall noun of an athlete experience a sudden loss of energy in a long race marathon runners found they often hit the wall after 17 or 18 miles Examples The first couple of games I felt pretty good, but by the third game I pretty much hit the wall.

North American Moehler seems to be hitting the wall around the pitch mark , a trend that's worrisome in light of shoulder soreness he has experienced. North American Italy have a rare moment of pressure - but Panucci hits the wall for about the third time today. British He hit the wall, and the rest of the team finally recognized its responsibility.

base hit noun Baseball a fair ball hit such that the batter can advance safely to a base without an error by the team in the field Examples Consider an outfielder who cleanly fields a base hit and returns the ball to the infield. North American I got a base hit in the top of the eighth inning to put us ahead North American Palmeiro has slapped what would be base hits, but the ball has rolled directly to the second baseman's new location.

North American Carillon sent 10 batters to the plate in the seventh scoring four runs on four walks , two base hits and two errors.

free hit noun 1. in limited-overs cricket an opportunity to strike the ball without the possibility of being bowled or caught out, following a no-ball the six came off a free hit after Gough had no-balled 2. in field hockey a penalty hit awarded for a foul committed outside the goal area a quickly taken free hit by the home team was excellently converted 3.

British English an easy opportunity to gain an advantage over a rival or opponent the policy has been sold so poorly that it gives everybody against it a free hit. hit home also strike home home noun 1. of a blow or a missile reach an intended target 2. of words have the intended, especially unsettling or painful , effect on their audience she could see that her remark had hit home 3.

of the significance or true nature of a situation become fully realized by someone the full impact of life as a celebrity began to hit home it wasn't until we went to see what happened that it really struck home.

British Dessert in this part of town can be hit-and-miss. North American The novels are hit-and-miss affairs , but they have an unforgettable pungency.

New Zealand Performances , however , are a hit-and-miss affair. North American Mexican dining in Montreal is pretty hit-or-miss. Canadian Zachery is generally punished for his bad behavior with time-outs, a parenting tool that is often a hit-or-miss proposition. switch-hit verb switch-hitter noun.

hit a brick wall also run into a brick wall or come up against a brick wall British English brick noun face an insuperable problem or obstacle while trying to do something the police have hit a brick wall Examples I have talked to many people, but I keep hitting a brick wall.

Canadian Sadly , this approach seemingly hit a brick wall too. North American Will efforts to end the election crisis hit a brick wall? North American I'm hitting a brick wall in trying to choose a good school and getting the hands-on experience I need.

hit the high spots high spot noun informal visit the most exciting places in a town Examples They were supposedly going out to hit the high spots together , leaving me to throw some things into a bag and drive down to the cottage.

British It would be a strange marriage , she thought, with Antoinette hitting the high spots in the big city , while her husband tended his vines here in the Périgord. British He was probably hitting the high spots in Prague that night -and with some lovely Czech lady in tow , she wouldn't wonder.

hit the ground running hit verb informal start something and proceed at a fast pace with great enthusiasm Examples While he did not trap that fast he certainly hit the ground running to scorch away from his opponents around the opening turn.

Irish Once again he hit the ground running and his early pace had him clear of his rivals before the bend. Irish They hit the ground running and demonstrate leadership qualities at a faster rate. British We're over here in Ireland for a week-long camp , with the intention of hitting the ground running when the season starts.

hit the panic button also press the panic button or push the panic button panic button noun informal respond to a situation by panicking or taking emergency measures the very thought of reaching 50 makes me want to hit the panic button Examples Our central bankers responded by hitting the panic button , provoking an abrupt and dramatic change in market perceptions.

North American Panic buys have been replaced by pressing the panic button and jettisoning the guy in charge of the team. Australian The material wreckage just hits you in the eye before you even reach the city limits: pockmarked scattering of half-constructed, vacant high rise buildings.

hit someone below the belt Boxing hit verb 1. give one's opponent an illegal low blow Examples The bout turned nasty in the fourth , when Johnson - for the second time in the fight - hit Ruiz below the belt with a hard left hook.

South African Then Machimane hit Nel below the belt and the fight was temporarily stopped to give the champion time to recover. South African 2. behave unfairly to someone , especially so as to gain an unfair advantage Examples If all of them are forced to pay royalty for every song they sing , they will be hit below the belt.

Indian Carly is hurt by the comment and it hits her below the belt. North American To top it all off, Walter's sudden fierceness hit her below the belt, and her legs suddenly went wobbly with desire.

not know what hit one know verb be very shocked or surprised by a sudden attack or event Examples Friday night at Sam's Town Casino , five miles south of the Las Vegas strip: The unsuspecting locals didn't know what hit them.

British Michigan Democrat Carl Levin still doesn't know what hit him. North American Quite often what happens is that young men are relatively unaware of their emotions until something goes wrong and then very often they don't know what hit them.

Irish We really didn't know what hit us in England and it wasn't much better last week. Irish The game got of to a sweltering pace with Camloch scoring with no response; it was as if Lisnaskea didn't know what hit them. Irish Ten years ago , her fellow competitors in the Miss St Lucia pageant didn't know what hit them when Yasmine soared to the top , securing first place.

hit the scene also make the scene US English scene noun informal arrive; appear the series has done obscenely well since it first hit the scene Examples Once the paramedics hit the scene , things calmed down a little.

North American With a new crop of players about to hit the scene, we hopefully have exciting times ahead. Irish Low-fat diets worked like a charm when they first hit the scene, too. North American The artist has had a seminal influence on the development of modern Irish music , since he first hit the scene in Dublin in the s.

hit the nail on the head hit verb find exactly the right answer Examples These guys seem to have a knack for hitting the nail on the head , and their newest creation is as short and sweet as they come. Canadian Mark Grahame hits the nail on the head with his comments about the new breed of ultra-loud fireworks.

British And the piece you sent me really hits the nail on the head. North American This piece by Martin in UWS hits the nail on the head. Irish I think what that juror just said hits the nail on the head. North American I believe that Bernard's comment hits the nail on the head.

look like a bomb's hit it bomb noun informal of a place be extremely messy or untidy in appearance the room looked like a bomb had hit it Examples The room tidy bit doesn't always happen but then when it gets to looking like a bomb's hit it they are the ones who have to blitz it clean.

British Look at it, it looks like a bomb's hit it, it looks like a wasteland , there's not even a sign of a tree. Australian However , the room now looks like a bomb's hit it as there is stuff all over the floor!

hit a false note also strike a false note note noun appear insincere or inappropriate she greeted him gushingly , and that struck a false note Examples He did his best under difficult circumstances , but remained a tense , suspicious figure whose occasional attempts at cheery bonhomie always struck a false note with us.

British She has not struck a false note or made a single misstep. North American But my basic impression was that Edwards didn't strike a false note for the entire 90 minutes.

North American It's passages like this, where he talks about his message , that strike a false note in the tone and the language used. hit the right note also strike the right note note noun say or do something in a way that is very suitable for a particular audience or occasion the party appeared to strike exactly the right note with the electorate Examples But the idea has struck the wrong note with a leading Tory councillor.

British It's odd that they haven't struck the right note; after all, music is one of the things television does very well, as is cheap melodrama - the combination of the two should have been obvious. hit the wrong note also strike the wrong note note noun say or do something in a way that is very unsuitable for a particular audience or occasion her performance hit the wrong note with the judges.

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