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Multi-language support

Multi-language support

Multi-lanbuage by device Build apps shpport give your Sorteos de Premios seamless experiences from Multi-language support to Multi-language support, watches, and more. If Multi-language support app targets Android 4. English French Spanish German Multi-language support. How to provide Mjlti-language Multi-language support service on Leroy Merlin marketplace. TV Accessibility. Learn in-depth about boosting the customer experience with multilingual support in the article: Boost Your Customer Experience with Multilingual Support. Monitor and analyze customer sentiment in multiple languages While not strictly focusing on customer support, monitoring and analyzing customer sentiment in multiple languages can help you identify issues early on and prevent them from turning into full-blown customer support problems.

Multi-language support -

Pro Tip: Install Google Analytics on your Help Center to see which of your articles are viewed by speakers of the languages you want to support, and translate those articles first. When you send articles to customers in Intercom Inbox , or share them with the Article inserter app , you choose which version of the Article to use:.

Tip: The Article Inserter app lets you share your articles in the Messenger home, Messages, Custom Bots, and more. Read this guide to find out how. Articles currently supports 45 languages: Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, German Formal , Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latviski, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Англи хэл Mongolian.

Note: Multilingual does support right to left Articles. This does not require any work on your end to set up, it should work automatically when you are creating Articles.

Before adding a new language, set the default language for your Help Center. This should be the most common language spoken by your customers. Important: Any existing articles you have will be linked to this language, so make sure it is the language they are written in.

Next, add a translation of the page title and header text to show in your Help Center for each language, you can do that by navigating to the 'Header' section in the 'Styling' tab:.

Important: If any of your supported languages are missing a page title you will see an error message saying "Make sure that you fill in the title for all languages.

To ensure the best experience for visitors to your Help Center you should add a translated name for every collection and section. Then people can browse your Help Center to find the info they need, in any language you support. Each collection must also contain at least one translated article to be visible in your Help Center.

Tip: Collection names and descriptions appear in Google search results, so use terms your customers are likely to search for. This callback lets you get the current layout direction and update an activity's View objects accordingly. If you are creating a UI widget that is not directly part of an activity's view hierarchy, such as a dialog or a toast-like UI element, set the correct layout direction depending on the context.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to complete this process:. Several methods of the View class require additional consideration:. If you have a drawable that needs to be mirrored for an RTL layout, complete one of these steps based on the version of Android running on the device:.

On Android 4. Note: The android:autoMirrored attribute only works for simple drawables whose bidirectional mirroring is simply a graphical mirroring of the entire drawable. If your drawable contains multiple elements, or if reflecting your drawable changes its interpretation, you can perform the mirroring yourself.

Whenever possible, check with a bidirectional expert to determine whether your mirrored drawables make sense to users. If your app's layout code uses Gravity. LEFT or Gravity. RIGHT , change these values to Gravity. START and Gravity. END , respectively. If you have Kotlin or Java code that depends on the Gravity.

RIGHT properties, you can adapt it to work with this change by setting the absoluteGravity to match the layoutDirection. This means you can keep your existing code that handles left-aligned and right-aligned values, even if you are using start and end for your gravity values.

Note: When applying your gravity settings, use an overloaded version of Gravity. apply that includes a layoutDirection argument. To support RTL scripts in your app, follow these best practices related to margin and padding values:. In many cases, multilingual users set their system language to one language—such as English—but they want to select other languages for specific apps, such as Dutch, Chinese, or Hindi.

To help apps provide a better experience for these users, Android 13 introduces the following features for apps that support multiple languages:. System settings : a centralized location where users can select a preferred language for each app. Your app must declare the android:localeConfig attribute in its manifest to tell the system that it supports multiple languages.

To learn more, see the instructions for creating a resource file and declaring it in your app's manifest file. Additional APIs : these public APIs, such as the setApplicationLocales and getApplicationLocales methods in LocaleManager , let apps set a different language from the system language at runtime.

Apps that use custom in-app language pickers can use these APIs to give users a consistent user experience regardless of where they select their language preferences. The public APIs also help you reduce the amount of boilerplate code, and they support split APKs. They also support Auto Backup for Apps to store app-level user language settings.

For backward compatibility with previous Android versions, equivalent APIs are also available in AndroidX. We recommend using Appcompat 1.

To learn more, see the instructions for implementing the new APIs. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License.

Essentials Modern Android Quickly bring your app to life with less code, using a modern declarative approach to UI, and the simplicity of Kotlin.

Explore Modern Android. Get started Start by creating your first app. Go deeper with our training courses or explore app development on your own. Hello world. Extend by device Build apps that give your users seamless experiences from phones to tablets, watches, and more.

Large screens e. Build by category Learn to build for your use case by following Google's prescriptive and opinionated guidance.

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Android Studio Use the IDE and tools that make Android development easy. Get Android Studio. Core areas Get the docs for the features you need. User interfaces. Tools and workflow Use the IDE to write and build your app, or create your own pipeline. Write and debug code.

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Wear OS 4. Android TV. Build TV Apps. Build TV playback apps. Buidling UI with Compose. Building UI with Leanback API. Help users find content on TV. Recommend TV content. Watch Next. Build TV games.

Build TV input services. TV Accessibility. Android for Cars. Build media apps for cars. Build point of interest, internet of things, and navigation apps for cars. Build parked apps for Android Automotive OS. Test Android apps for cars.

ChromeOS devices. Cross device SDK. Google Assistant. Add more features. Android Go edition. It wasn't so important in the old days, before the internet For most businesses, their markets were smaller, and there was simply no need to offer multilingual support.

Businesses used to have customer support representatives in foreign countries Back then, companies selling their products overseas invariably used 'middlemen' or agents to deal with their cross-border transactions and communicate with non-native English speakers.

To optimise your sales and support today, you need to be able to communicate in other languages And this is not just to accommodate people overseas.

The world is in the palm of your hand 4. It shows some respect to visitors to your business When you offer multilingual customer support that's able to speak to a visitor in their native language, you're immediately making the visitor feel respected and wanted.

Customers feel welcome By speaking to customers in their native languages, you're also making a cultural connection that can make clients feel welcome and more 'at home' with your brand.

Customers will come back for more Customer support can nurture loyalty, strengthen customer retention, drive new sales and encourage repeat sales. multi language customer support can help drive sales If you have an eCommerce business, you'll already understand the importance of a good customer experience.

Good customer support facilitates customer communication If you can communicate with a customer in their own language, you're going to be giving them a better customer experience.

Now savour this fact: Top 10 languages used on the web Only a quarter of internet users around the world use English as their primary internet language. Let's have a look at some more striking figures: Can't Read, Won't Buy in Figures.

Source Kantar for CSA Research CSA Research selected Kantar to survey thousands of consumers across 29 countries, so it was no small poll. Let's look at multi-language America Take California as an example. The most spoken languages in California Source: World Facts This reiterates the fact that even if you're targeting your local national market in your ostensibly English-speaking country, you should really consider, at the very least, having the main languages spoken in the country covered in your knowledge base in order to serve customers.

But offering customer support in multiple languages must be so expensive? Talk with your different departments and teams It's important to do this because initial assumptions can be wrong. Talk with your team Don't just zone in on your customer support agents.

The different ways of providing multilingual support Choosing what kind of multilingual support is best for your business depends on what you do and who you sell to.

Study your current customer support content If you have templated help, support and frequently asked questions FAQ on your website or chat systems, why not just consider having them translated? And what about all your other customer support collateral? Consider an increase in self-service support Getting a customer to self-serve shouldn't adversely affect the customer's experience, provided your self-serve set-up in multiple languages is done well and is easy for the customer to use.

Equip your contact centre teams While the human touch is undoubtedly best, using tools to automatically translate incoming enquiries can be really helpful to contact centres struggling to deal with global consumers. Here are some examples. Lokalise 4. Outsource to an excellent multilingual support team There are some very good agencies out there offering multilingual customer service.

Conclusion Whatever business you're in, whatever product or service you're selling, whatever your target market, you should seriously consider offering multi language customer support to your target demographic.

So much depends on customer experience Whether you're optimising your customer experience by using machine translation, over the phone interpretation, or even increased self-service support, offering different languages can benefit your bottom line.

How to provide exceptional customer service on Leroy Merlin marketplace. How to provide exceptional customer service on Best Buy Canada. How to Sell on Best Buy Canada. How to Sell on Leroy Merlin. Mirakl and Shopify partnership: What it means for merchants in The All-in-One Help Desk for eCommerce.

Discover our other products. Zendesk Freshdesk Dixa Gorgias Zendesk Freshdesk Dixa Gorgias. Gorgias vs Zendesk Zendesk vs Freshdesk Zendesk Alternatives Freshdesk Alternatives Gorgias Alternatives Gorgias vs Zendesk Zendesk vs Freshdesk Zendesk Alternatives Freshdesk Alternatives Gorgias Alternatives.

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The Multi-language support is no longer Multi-langjage. It extends beyond borders. Multi-language support has made multilingual Support support a necessity instead of a Multi-llanguage. It helps you communicate effectively with a diverse customer base, and enhance their experience and loyalty. This article explores the top 10 reasons multilingual customer support is crucial and provides actionable steps for implementation. The ability to talk to customers in their native tongue can significantly impact your business, shape customer experiences, and influence purchasing decisions. However, providing multilingual support can be difficult. Multi-language support

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